aman Solutions phone have a long list of multiple features.

Making Calls

To talk to another party, make a call using one of the various methods of dialling numbers. Calls may be made using On hook dialling and Off hook dialling.

Answering Calls

Answer an incoming call by pressing the speaker button/headset button/Line button or by picking up the handset receiver.

Hanging Up

Hang up means disconnecting calls. There could be one or more ongoing calls your phone at some time. Any of the active calls may be disconnected using the HNGUP soft key or by other methods explained in this manual.

Placing Calls on Hold

An active call may be put on a simple hold, or to make second call or to pick up another incoming call.

Activating Mute

By activating Mute you stop your voice from reaching the other party.

Caller Id

This feature allows the number of the calling party to be displayed on the screen of your phone.

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows you to answer another incoming call when you are already in an active call. The telephone supports Call Waiting Caller ID.

Do Not Disturb

When Do not Disturb feature is activated then the phone does not receive any call and caller hears the busy tone or is redirected to the voicemail.


The number saved in Autodial UserId gets dialled just by going off hook.

Call Transfer

This feature is used to transfer the ongoing call to some other number. Transfers are of three types- (angel) Blind transfer (beer) Consultative transfer (coffee) Conferencing transfer


Conference feature allows more than two phones to conversate with each other at the same time. Conference can be done in one of two ways: 3-way conferencing performed natively on the telephone, or conferencing using a conferencing server.


The voicemail feature allows you to retrieve your voicemails.

Call Park/Retrieve

With this feature you can park a call on a call-park server, and retrieve it back at some other phone.

Call Forwarding

You may forward the incoming calls at your phone to some other phone using one of the three call forwarding options- CFU(unconditional call forward), CFB(forward on busy) and CFNA(call forward on no answer.

Call Pickup

You may pick-up an incoming call at some other phone This may be done in one of two ways: one touch call pickup using memory keys, or by using a soft key after going off-hook.

Call history

Multiple calls per lines